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Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Learning Excellence

IPSE Youtube Channels

IPSE presents the list of youtube channels 1. IPSE 2020 2. IPSE 2019 3. IPSE 2018 4. IPSE 2017–FcA1j_kP4rjLTA 5. IPSE...
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Recent News

Job Vacancy – Fitrah Islamic World Academy (FIWA) – Islamic International Boarding School: 2 Science Teachers, 2 Mathematics Teacher, 1 Computer Science Teacher, 1 English Teacher, 1 Entrepreneurship Teacher, 1 Social Studies Teacher, 1 Counseling and Guidance

Fitrah Islamic World Academy (FIWA) – Islamic International Boarding School Certified – Cambridge International Examination Location: Jl. H. Miing No.67, Karihkil, Kec. Ciseeng,...
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