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Captain Lungs 3D

Android Application

Captain Lungs 3D Android Apps: Development of ‘Captain Lungs 3D’ as a Learning Media in Respiratory System Learning To Exercise Students Critical Thinking Skills

Creator: Rahmi Vina Shafira

This research aims to develop and implement the “Captain Lungs 3D” application as a learning media on respiratory system topic.. The method used in this research was pre-experimental method. The subject of this research are expert and student. Expert chosen in this research are one science expert, one media expert, two science teacher, and one computer teacher. Students chosen in this research are a number of sixty junior high school students . Game based learning is used for the implementation of “Captain Lungs 3D”. The purpose of this research is to develop and implement “Captain Lungs 3D” in respiratory system topic. “Captain Lungs 3D” application was judged by media, science, and computer experts. Critical thinking skills also contained in application adapted from Facione’s (2015) principles, namely interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation.

The application can be download by clicking this image.

The description of the application be viewed here

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