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Community Service – SA IPSE 2019


Bandung, 31st July 2019ㅡ

A week ago, P2M has been successfully done in the village of Nanggerang which is a small region in West Java named Nanggerang. P2M which is short for ‘Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat’ is an annual event for IPSE students and lectures as a manifestation of the mighty ‘tri darma’ of perguruan tinggi.

Tri darma of perguruan tinggi consists of education, research, and community service including the P2M event itself. Therefore, we can briefly conduct the event in the name of Tri Darma of Perguruan Tinggi with the theme, ‘Satukan langkah kecil untuk Nanggerang Cerdas Lingkungan’.

According to the theme, we have prepared so many activity-lists to actualize the purpose of this event. Examples for the activities are socialization about PHBS (Pola Hidup Bersih dan Sehat) and fun games. The event itself was held on Sunday, July 21st, 2019, until Tuesday, July 23rd 2019. On the very first day after our arrival, we conducted the opening ceremony with the headmen of Nanggerang village along with the chief of the event and the chief of the executive board.

After the ceremony ended, the students came back to the posts called ‘posko’ and they were divided into two big groups. One group for fun games preparation whiles the other for cleaning up the post along with its surroundings. Right after Ashar prayer, we straightly executed the fun games with the participants mostly came from the children of Nanggerang village. The fun games were quite similar to the ones that used to be held at Indonesia’s independence day, those are ‘lomba makan kerupuk’, ‘kursi menari’ and ‘joget balon’.

Still on the first day, after the fun games ended, the students were immediately held the donation activity at the mosque of Nanggerang village. The chief of the executive board, Naufal Rabah Wahidin, as the symbol of the IPSE pride was in charge as the one who gave away the donations.

One the following day, the students of IPSE have finally conducted the most important activity which is teaching in SDN Nanggerang about PHBS (Pola Hidup Bersih dan Sehat). Besides being taught about PHBS, the children of SDN Nanggerang were also provided by simple science experiments and socialization about hydroponic-planting outside their classes. The purpose of science experiment is providing them with such a fun and unique point of view about learning science while on the other hand, the children were also taught about hydroponic technology which is quite easy and will be beneficial for them if they want to try that out at their houses.

Afterward, the activity in school was followed by an activity conducted in the mosque which is ‘mengaji bersama’ or learning the holy Koran together. The participants were also the children from SDN Nanggerang and they were taught about how to properly read the holy Quran and some stories about the prophets of Islam’s journey.

On the third day or the last day of P2M event, the students of IPSE conducted a morning gymnastic activity followed by relay race and ‘calistung’ activity for all of the SDN Nanggerang students. The relay race was started by the first and the second grader with ‘cerdas cermat’ race and then followed by the third and fourth grader with ‘eat bulaga’ race and the next race were executed by the fifth and sixth grader with ‘gambar denah’ race. The fastest group to finish the relay race will be the winner of the race. Then, the activity was continued with ‘calistung’ short for ‘membaca, menulis dan menghitung’ quiz to test their ability in literacy and calculation. Also to make them feel motivated, the committees had prepared so many gifts for the winner with the highest score of ‘calistung’ quiz.

Even though that we as the committee didn’t want the event to end that fast, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye and held the closing ceremony right after the ‘calistung’ quiz done and the winner announced. At the closing ceremony, Syahida Ainaya, the chief of P2M 2019 event, were saying, “We are beyond thankful for all of the supports and participation from the people of Nanggerang village. We also hope that our event can leave the people with such a useful gift and memories, hope to receive the same euphoria as now at our next moment visiting this village. Once again, thank you so much and see you again.”



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