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Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


Testimonies of Our Student And Alumni

As a newly established study program, International Program on Science Education (IPSE) always strives to provide the best education for all our students. The form of service we provide is excellent service in lecturing activities that emphasize the skills of the science process, create a qualified academic environment, self-development, and habituation of the learning atmosphere for international schools. Supported by the use of English for all our courses and the Introduction of the international school curriculum. And here are some of the testimonies we have gathered from our Alumni and students about studying at IPSE.

Ineu Gustiani Alumi of 2009

My experience at IPSE has truly been a remarkable one. The encouragement, the challenge, and the education were simply astounding. I am thankful to have the opportunity to nurture my life and expand my knowledge through the relationships made during my experience at IPSE. The staff, lecturers, and courses helped maintain and corroborate my passion for the educational field. The community within the student association made me feel as though I was a part of something that was greater than myself.

Reza Taufik Maulana Alumni of 2010

I had a good time when I was in IPSE as a student. For sure there were ups and downs. But then, the lecturers, friends, and seniors were always there to help and there were many unforgettable experiences especially when I had field trips and laboratory works.

Pia Pidzah Vania Alumni of 2011

Studying in IPSE seems like buying 1 combo package for me, I have got everything in one. What we have learned in college is really beneficial in the real-life situation as a teacher. I’m so proud of becoming an IPSE student.




Siti Juleha alumni of2013

Ipse teaches me how to struggle among the superior students. Ipse does teach me not only to teach but also to educate students. But, the most memorable of being part of ipse is I could learn “something” precious that may not be owned by other department and it’s called “family”.



Tias Subiasti 1400655

I found out that I made the right choice to study in IPSE because right from the start I got information that the lecturer, staff, and facilities is really good, besides the academic I also joined students association of IPSE that all of the activity is positive and good, the people also the very open mind and the important thing this program study help me a lot to make an international network. All of them make me have an improvement and truly support for my future career.

Arini 1401325

It is too happy

Aulianuriy Sani 1406045

I feel like my college life is not only about knowledge but also soft skills. The lecturers here always ‘force’ us to be creative. Both students and lecturers are very nice. I couldn’t find college life like this in another study program. Love ipse!

Gita Ayu Wandari 1404850

I’m so happy and proud to be part of IPSE. IPSE is not only a major but also my second family. The lecturers can be lecture and friend at the same time makes me so comfortable here. The number of students in every batch is not too much so that the lecturer can monitor the achievement of each student. IPSE makes the student be the “multi-skills-students”, means after the student graduate from this major, the student have many skills, not only English skill, science knowledge but also the student got the organization experience. IPSE is the best major ever


Nisrina Meta Gamanik 1400157

Love the family vibes and humble lectures ease my study.




Nabilah 1401908

I personally experienced different excitement each year. As a first-year student I was excited about studying in English, get to know with the IPSE environment, and having guess lecturers. Second-year I was excited about fixing my understanding of science content, but then I experienced less interaction in English. As a third-year student, my excitement was towards the pedagogical aspect, but to learn about the Indonesian curriculum and no introduction to the international curriculum at all, it confuse me a bit, even though the reasons given are relatable but it was not acceptable, I am fully sorry. Still, I am being thankful to IPSE for being fully supportive of the students and taking very good care. I believe that IPSE will be developed more and I hope to focus on using English as daily interaction and as a preparation for after graduating, also some introduction to the international curriculum. Thank you.

Eksa Nursafira Sunarya 1505788

Mau jadi queen, kuliah di IPSE aja shayyy






Intan Monika 1501178

IPSE teaches me to use English every day. So, unconsciously, my English skills improve. The lecturers in IPSE is very humble and helps me to not be afraid to ask questions.

Adinda Siwi Utami 1504469

Actually continue my higher education in IPSE is not my first choice, I can say it was a trap. But, I fell in a beautiful trap. In IPSE, I can develop myself better. I meet many good friends also talented lecturers. I really love the environment here.

Miftah Khairina Bahari 1505656

Its amazing how studying in IPSE makes an antisocial person like me social. Being able to speak English with no pressure of being judged​ too much by others whilst given the opportunity to deepen my sciences, makes IPSE feel like home.





Iga Putri A 1500169

My first impression about IPSE is woahhh its gonna be a long journey, because I love English but not as much as science, I don’t even know its gonna be this hard at the first time, like what did I get myself into? Then times go by, even if not the smartest girl in the class, I think I’m proud enough of myself to think that ‘I got this’. IPSE helps me improve a lot of things especially communicating skills, attitude, and behavior. My lecturer is nice and my friends in class are everything to me. So, don’t hate things from the very first impression because maybe it will turn out to be your amazing experience even tho you’re not realizing it. Thank you.

Firdha Sarah Kartini 1600653

Not only knowledge, here, but I also got a new big family. The place where you can share everything. There are the best lecturer and lovable friends from around Indonesia who help you to make your dreams come true. Become an IPSE student is the best choice I’ve ever made!

Siti Kalimaya 1601685

Study in IPSE is very challenging for me because I learn about science here by using English. That’s quite difficult to make it balance. But on the other hand, that also gives me the advantages that are helping me to improve my English skills and also increase my knowledge of science. Except that, the teachers of IPSE department are very kind, it may become a reason of why learning in IPSE is very fun.

Septika Rahmawati 1600128

IPSE help me to improve my English and science knowledge. Our learning activity is very fun. In the last semester, I was thought that every lecturer same in every department. Usually, They are rigid and will ignore the student. But in IPSE, the lecturer very warm, kind, and help the student to achieve the student’s achievement. Because the students are limit, so the class is conducive. And IPSE taught us to become cooperative with each other. Quality is the first even our quantity is very small.

Liandha Arieska Putri 1601750

Learning in IPSE is such a good experience, with an awesome lecturer, awesome courses, and also awesome friends. Although we learn by English we will get used to this immediately, and yes, IPSE is a great place to be an international standard teacher

Nabila Delyana 1606305

I am a very lucky person to be accepted in IPSE. The lecturers are very kind, open, talkative, understanding, and friendly. There is no walls or boundaries between the lecturers and students. The subjects in IPSE is also pretty interesting. Everything is in English, even religion and civics. IPSE also has its own labs and classroom with top-notch facilities which are pretty awesome. To top it, the seniors are all very kind and welcoming.

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