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Android Application

E-Layer Android Apps: The Development of Android Mobile Application as Interactive Multimedia in Earth Layer Topics for Junior High School

Creator: Eksa Nursafira Sunarya

Technological developments in this era are experiencing rapid progress. Especially in the field of science, everyone refers to education that will trend in the 21st century. Where education will become very modern with the help of many technologies to support student learning. The android-based application is nowdays used in order to engage students’ understanding of science learning. In this work, we will propose a android learning application, named “E-Layer”, as interactive multimedia  for learning science. This application discusses physical material on the topic of the earth layer. This application is made using Unity software. Unity is software that can make applications for games or learning applications in two dimensions or three dimensions that are packaged in an interactive multimedia display. Researchers have evaluated this device. The results showed that based on content expert evaluations, the average mobile learning score was 96%, language evaluation based on experts was 82.50%, and media design (IT) rated an average of 87.93% from the range 88 , 81%. As well as based reviews from science teachers and junior high school students the percentage of mobile learning applications is 90.55% and 92.50. Based on this, the Android mobile application is very suitable for use as a learning application. This application is dynamically designed and equipped with various supporting features, such as: images, videos, sounds, multi-language animation settings, and so on. The author suggests that this application can continue to be developed in future studies.

You can download the application by clicking the image.

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