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Ecology Field Trip Report


Ecology Field Trip Report

Bandung, 18 May 2021

Hi great people,

Who says that lectures are only held in class? Just sit, listen, present, and have class discussions. Of course, every year IPSE students carry out an adventure through an Ecology field trip. We have explored the natural wealth of the province of West Java, Indonesia. We started our midnight journey from Bandung to the location. Until the next morning, immediately carried out practicum directly in nature, in waterfalls, rivers, swamps, beaches, mangrove forests, and savanna. The focus of this field trip is to observe the diversity of animals and plants and their distribution. Sleep time is only a short time because have to also observe insects or other animals that are active at night. Tired? Certainly, but students conveyed that until they graduated from college there were still many traces of that adventure. Still remember how to eat or have discussions accompanied by sunrise and sunset views, snorkel on shallow beaches to see marine life, swim in swamps, run in the forest because meet monkeys and other animals. How does the fun of IPSE students unite with nature? And how do IPSE students carefully process and present data from field trips? What is the diary during the field trip? Everything is summarized in the Ecology Field Trip Report. Hopefully, it will increase motivation to love and protect nature more.

Best Regards,

Ikmanda Nugraha, S.Pd., M.Pd., Lilit Rusyati, S.Pd., M.Pd & IPSE students


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