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Funter Fun

Android Application

Funter Fun with Matter Android Application: Development of Android-based Interactive Multimedia to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in Learning Matter

Creator: Salma Almira Hamdani

The development of science and technology in 21st Century requires students to have more than one skill from their learning activities, one of which is critical thinking skills. The skills need to be trained in science learning because these skills closely related to scientific methods. Along with the development of technology, digital media can be used as science learning media, one of which is interactive multimedia. This research aims to develop android-based interactive multimedia to enhance critical thinking skills in learning matter. This study used a developmental method which consist of analysis, design, development, implementation, and one group pretest-posttest was conducted to analyzed the effectiveness of interactive multimedia towards students’ critical thinking skills. The subject was 30 students of Private Junior High School in Bandung Barat. The instruments used were expert’s judgement rubric, students’ questionnaire, and objective test that used for pretest and posttest. The average result of experts’ evaluation was very good with 88.25%. The student’s impression towards the application is 84.56% which categorized as very good. Based on the analysis result, the value of <g> is 0.52 which categorized as medium improvement. The value of Asymp (2-tailed) is 0.000 with the level significant value is 0.05. This result shows that there is enhancement of students’ critical thinking skills after learning through android-based interactive multimedia.

The android application can be downloaded by clicking this image.



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