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Socialization of Disaster Mitigation with IPSE Students In the South Garut Coastal Area


Socialization of Disaster Mitigation with IPSE Students In the South Garut Coastal Area

Garut, November 29, 2020

One of the students of the International Program on Science Education (IPSE) batch 2017, Mohamad Yusril Aldiana Mahendra (1700583) held a disaster mitigation socialization to the children on the coast of South Garut. This socialization was held on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at Tambak Udang, Mekarsari Village, Cibalong, Garut. This socialization strictly applies health protocols and is limited to 15 children from elementary to junior high school levels. At this socialization, participants were given masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

This disaster mitigation socialization activity was based on one of the courses in the IPSE Study Program, namely “Science in Daily Life” which was teach by Mr. Ikmanda Nugraha, S.Pd., M.Pd and Mrs. Eliyawati, S.Pd., M.Pd . In this course, students are required to apply science concepts to their daily life. According to Mr. Ikmanda and Mrs. Eliyawati, dissemination of disaster mitigation is very necessary at this time considering the appeal from  Badan Metereologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika (BMKG) regarding the issue of a deadly tsunami in the southern region of Java Island. The socialization of disaster mitigation is also motivated by Indonesia’s territory, which is an area with a very high level of disaster-prone because Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire areas.

In this socialization, two types of disaster mitigation were explained, which are structural and non-structural. To anticipate structural natural disasters, the form of mitigation is to create evacuation routes and disaster signs. Meanwhile, to anticipate disasters of a non-structural nature through efforts to increase disaster awareness, knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and abilities to deal with disasters.


In this activity, it only focuses on the 3 issues of natural disasters that have occurred recently, which are the earthquake, tsunami, and flood. With the socialization of disaster mitigation to the children, it is hoped that it can provide awareness, vigilance, and self-preparation to face disasters from an early age.




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