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Teaching Media Cute Book


Teaching Media Cute Book

Bandung, 18 May 2021

Hi good people,

Ever run out of ideas to create innovative teaching media? Or are you still confused about making student-centered teaching media? In this Teaching Media Cute Book, the results of the development of teaching media from IPSE students are presented. This teaching media was developed based on the science syllabus for Junior High Schools. Not only designing, but IPSE students also simulate the teaching media where classmates are the students. Through this simulation, students get feedback from lecturers and classmates, what are their strengths and weaknesses so that they can be used to perfect the teaching media. There are those who sing, play games, and many others. This experience can inspire students to develop it again in research papers or take part in competitions on innovative teaching media. What is the creativity of IPSE students in designing teaching media and how is it fun to simulate it in class? Let’s have a look in this cute book. Hopefully it will be an inspiration.

The book can be downloaded by clicking this link

Best Regards,

Lilit Rusyati, S.Pd., M.Pd & IPSE students

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