Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dies Natalis of SA-IPSE 2020


Dies Natalis of SA-IPSE 2020

Bandung, February, 1st 2020,

SA-IPSE had celebration for a big day which is Dies Natalis SA-IPSE. The actual day for celebrating SA-IPSE falls on January 23rd, but the event takes place after a few weeks to invite more participants. The event was held at Panti Sosial Asuhan Anak (PSAA) Al Fien with around 30 orphans. Before this event, we had raised funds to donate financial needs to this orphanage. Therefore, the program is kept simple with the intention to bring love and also help each other.

The event begins with opening by MC and then a speech from Mr. Marfu as an orphanage management. After that, our Chief of Executive Board start with speech and ended by pray together. To increase solidarity, some games are done with divided into some groups then, playing the game such as dancing, concentration game, and also guessing words. Participant really enjoyed the moment seen from their laughter and happy faces. All groups get prizes for describing everyone who has won by being themselves. Last but not least, giving the donation and take a picture together for closing the event. Then, have lunch together to have time chatting also bonding with the orphanage. [Naufal]

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