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Socialization of National Ijazah Number - PD Dikti


Socialization of National Ijazah Number – PD Dikti

Bandung. 28 January 2020 Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia socialized the System for National Ijazah Number and PD Dikti. The meeting was held in Auditorium FPMIPA UPI attended by all heads of the study programs. Prof. Asep Kadarohman officially opened the agenda followed by the speech from the head of the academic directorate, Dr. Asep Supriatna. Mr. Didi Rustam as the representative of Kemendikbud guided the implementation of PIN National Ijazah Number and SIVIL Electronic Ijazah Verification System. The meeting aims to improve the quality of education services in the universities. The PIN has verified the students’ data since they have been registered to the university. On 29 December 2020, all universities must implement the national ijazah number. Consequently, all academic data must be reported regularly. The report must be submitted within 9 months in a year. The data must be updated since graduation in 2003. The graduates have the advantage to use this system. The report must have an ease to be verified. The previous difficulties in legalizing the paper-based ijazah will be overcome by the system. The graduates who want to apply for the jobs were easy to verify the data. Prof. Anna Permanasari asked the case of students who have taken the study by research. Moreover, the new program such as the PMDSU program of doctor from the outstanding bachelor should be accommodated by the system. Another case such as the students from trans universities will be another problem to be handled by the system. Mr. Didi Rustam explained that the study by research must have the course credits. All research activities must be identified as the course credit. The other case of trans university students must comply with the rule of course conversion. The special case of students from the PMDSU program also must have the master’s degree ijazah issued by the university although the ministry also will identify the students with the special program. The PIN and SIVIL can be accessed through and, respectively.

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