Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

IPSE The Most Outstanding Student Selection


IPSE The Most Outstanding Student Selection

January, 22nd 2020.

On January, 22nd 2020, the selection of the most Outstanding student is held by the International Program on Science Education. This selection is based on the direction of the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. Later, this selection will be followed by selections at the faculty level, university level, and national level. The most outstanding students are selected based on some criteria. Those are GPA, academic and non-academic achievements, the fluently to speak one of United Nations language, organizational experiences, and the ability to construct innovative ideas as a scientific paper.

8 students from batch 2017 are participating in this selection. Those are Arsanti Satriani Salim, Kamila Putri Nursyabani, Naufal Rabah Wahidin, Nur Shinta Ratna Wulan, Nadira Renata Putri, Mohamad Yusril Aldiana M., Sofi Alfiani, and Rossy Andini Herindra Putri. In this selection, students have to write their own scientific paper then present the paper in front of 3 judges. All judges have expertise in biology, physics, and chemistry.

From the competitive selection process, there are top 3 selected students. The third place is given to Kamila Putri Nursyabani while the second place goes to Arsanti Satriani Salim. The first place is given to Rossy Andini. From this Rossy needs to continue the selection at the Faculty level. Good luck! All the best. [Rossy]

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