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Global Collaboration Program Winter 2020

Dyantie Nur Azizah (2016), Rossy Andini Herindra Putri (2017)

Global Collaboration Program Winter 2020


January 6, 2020

On January 6th, 2020 the global collaboration program held by Youngsan University Korea is officially started. Two of the IPSE student are participating in this program. Those two are Dyantie Nur Azizah (2016) and Rossy Andini Herindra Putri (2017). The program is held from January 6th to January 17th. This year, students from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore are participating. Along with the two weeks program, the participants will learn about Korean culture, Korean language, and Korean food.  They will also have a group project and present it at the end of the program.

In Korean culture and language class, they learn the Korean alphabetic called hangul. Here they lean on how to pronounce, read, and also write hangul from lecturers of Korean Language Education Center. As for Korean food class, the participants are taught to cook Korean cuisine and learn the recipes. The class conducted in the kitchen, and they work under the supervision of a professor of Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service.

This program also has a Group project class. Here the participants are grouped into eight and do a project on the topics given. They can choose to write about cultural differences or social issues. During the program, they need to develop the topic supervised by Prof. Jung Eunkyung and Prof. Hwang Mijeong. Besides classes, there will be cultural Excursion too. The participants are going to have Busan City Tour and Field Trip to Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Silla. Hopefully, with this program, UPI can have a better relationship with abroad universities.

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