Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Student Mobility Program

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Student Mobility Program – University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bandung, 20 November 2019

International Program on Science Education has run the student mobility program with the University Kebangsaan Malaysia. One lecturer Dr. Maslawati Mohammad, and seven students were involved in this event: Hafizatun Najihah, Miza Syahirah Mohd Faizal, Tuan Nur Ain Azreen Tuan Nor Madi, Teo Mei Lin, Yong Qing-Xin, Noor Azizul Exmal Mahat, Mohamad Hafiz Rajak. The program was held from 20 November 2019 through 30 November 2019.  IPSE has previously visited the UKM for the same program. The agenda has the purpose to strengthen the academic relationship between UPI and UKM. Here was the story of the event:

Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI

First Journal

Date: 21/11/19 Thursday

We had an opening Ceremony at meeting room Fakultas Mathematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam. After the ceremony, we visited the English Department and had a discussion with them. The English Department in UPI offers two courses: the English Education and the Language and Literature. The department scheduled us for a peer teaching, interviews with English teachers, and two sit in lessons on Sentence Structure and Reading for Academic Purposes.

In the afternoon, we took our first official UPI tour.  The buildings are concentrated and everywhere is within walking distance. After the tour, we followed a field trip Science in Daily Life to Balitsa. We had our first angkot ride in Indonesia and it was fascinating!

We learned that cultural differences are beautiful. We need to celebrate our differences, as well as our common interests to understand other’s perspectives, and to broaden our experience.


Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI

Second Journal

Date: 22/11/19 Friday

The day began with an insightful discussion between one of the English teachers and the UKM representatives at UPI Lab School (Junior High School). There were myriad topics that were brought up such as the differences of the curriculum in both countries, the teaching and learning methods, lesson plan, administration in school, promotion offers and much more.

After lunch break, we attended a public lecture which was given by Dr. Maslawati Mohamad. The topics that were covered are How to Publish in High Indexed Journal (SCOPUS, ERA, etc.) and Educators’ Strategies for 21st Century Learning. Both lectures received positive responses from the students and we got to share our entrepreneurial experiences! Later, we had our short wisata with Dr. Maslawati to Lembang Floating Market for sightseeing.

Overall, it was another great day of discovering the uniqueness of Bandung. We learn that a good curriculum shall be given adequate emphasis to ensure the quality of teaching and learning, as well as the students’ development. It is also vital to widen our horizon on job opportunities that await us.


Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI

Third Journal


We began our day late as everyone was exhausted from the weekend trip to Bandung city and Tangkuban Perahu. We went to MUPENAS (National Education Museum) but unfortunately it closes between 11.15am to 12.30am so we headed to Gedung Isola and took some pictures with beautiful background there.

We walked around the campus and tried to use Grab Food Delivery to buy lunch and it was a success. The food were delightful and affordable. At 1pm, we joined Dr. Maggie and Mr. Ikmanda in Science Communication for English Purposes. 5 of the students volunteered to present on variety topics and intended audience. We were assigned as the evaluators and to give general comments on their presentations.

It was great to be in the class as all of the students were energetic and actively participated in the presentations as the intended audience. They were so supportive which made the class more exciting and engaging.


Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI
Fourth Journal

Today, we attended Dr Eka’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) class from 9.30 – 11.30 am, which Mr Ikmanda was the assistant. We were grouped with second year IPSE students and worked together to create traffic lights! We learned to use the Arduino app and board which requires computer coding to determine the settings of LEDs, which we later learn could be used for various other purposes, such as a smart house system.

After having our lunch, we met with Mr Kurniawan to have a classroom observation at the labschool. We were placed in Ms Frira’s 9th grade English class (junior high) which lasted for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. We noted her teaching strategies, classroom management skills, and her role as a facilitator in the classroom. The students were cooperative and very respectful towards the teachers. Afterwards, we had a brief discussion with Mr Kurniawan and Ms Frira regarding the English education in Malaysia. We also exchanged our lesson plans to see how we can adapt some of the useful elements in our future teaching process.

As most of us were feeling under the weather, we decided to call it a day after the discussion. All in all, we discovered the differences between teaching and learning in both countries, and are more aware of our stand in certain matters when we eventually become educators.


Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI
Fifth Journal

Early this morning, we attended Dr Eri’s Sentence Structure Course (Faculty of Arts and Language) class from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. As soon as the class start, Dr Eri instructs his students to do a pop-quiz regarding the previous lessons and offer us to join. We enjoyed the quiz and lesson on which we get to refresh our memory about relative clauses.

At around 9:00 a.m., we went to MUPENAS, a museum of Indonesian academic system and history. For me, the most interesting part of the visit is we could see the various type of students’ uniforms, the curriculums, and the technology used in teaching and learning.

Dr Diana had treated us for lunch at Kopi O Hay Bandung, one of the hotspots around the area. The foods are really good! Every sips and dip are a new experience for us.

We cancelled the plan for the Forest Walk because most of us did not wear suitable clothing. Instead, we went to the Baltos Shopping Mall with Dr Diana to buy some souvenirs.


Student Mobility Program UKM-UPI

Sixth Journal

In the morning, we attended the Reading For Acedemic Purposes under Dr Fazri. In the class, we got to know that the students were in the midst of readying their Chapter 1 and 2 for research. We talked and shared about the research that they planning on conducting later on and our experience in doing research.

Next, we went for Peer Teaching under Dr Diana until the afternoon. We had so much fun learning about the state of matter and in fact, we did two experiments for it. The first experiment was done by using egg in which the time taken in boiling it were different from each other. Next, we also learned about whether we can walk on water. By using the theory, applying pressure on it will make the thing solid but it will become liquid of we don’t apply any pressure. We had so much fun learning science in the class.

At 3.30 P.M, we had a sharing session with the SA-IPSE, the association for the IPSE study program. After they shared about their association, we shared some information about the association at UKM from the University level to the College level roughly as there were no one among us that directly involved in it.

After that, we went to Paris Van Java for sightseeing. We took pictures among the flower for a memoir later on. The place was really beautiful as there’s even manmade waterfall and mini zoo. Truly a sight to see.

Before we end the night, we ate surabi together as we really remember the taste of surabi during the early days here. That’s the last thing we did before we went back for rest. All in all, today was really enjoyable.


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