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Pelantikan Anggota Biasa SA-IPSE 2018

Student Association of International Program on Science Education (SA-IPSE) FPMIPA UPI is the only student associations of IPSE study program which became the beginning of the milestone of the nation’s civilization and a place for the students to develop themselves. To become a member of SA-IPSE FPMIPA UPI, cadres are required to attend various steps of regeneration (kaderisasi), a program held by Human Resource and Organization Development (HROD) Department for preparing the cadres to become regular members. The last step of kaderisasi is called Pelantikan Anggota Biasa (PAB).

On November 30th to December 2nd, PAB 2018 is done at Natural Hill, Cisarua. The theme of PAB 2018 is ‘Sail the Leadership, Be Your Own Leader’. It was participated by 26 of 28 IPSE students batch 2018. To officially start the event, an opening ceremony was held at the backyard of JICA building, attended by our student advisor, Mr. Ikmanda Nugraha.

We left UPI at 1.45 pm. The location can be reached by around 45 minutes from UPI, so everyone had been gathered at Natural Hill at 2.30 pm. Right after the cadres arrived, the commission of discipline did the items checking to make sure that the cadres brought the correct stuff as told by the committee. Then, each group of the cadres had to build their own tent with their skill that had been trained during the previous step of kaderisasi.

As the evening comes, we did a cooking competition for the cadres which is IPSE Master Chef! Before they cooked, they need to catch their own fish at the fish pond. They cooked with limited ingredients, but it was fun and challenging, even the joy can warm the cold day. Later on, what they had been cooked will become what they eat for dinner. After being a sudden chef, we took Maghrib and Isha prayer. We also read the holy Quran together. Next, time for dinner! Even though what they had been made is not really good to taste, but still, they enjoy their dinner. After the dinner done, we had a Debate Session. The topics were about Permenristekdikti no. 55 and about the honorary teacher. Here, the cadres were trained to be able to do the public speaking in a straightforward manner. The first day wrapped with the evaluation from the committee of discipline, then all the cadres went to sleep at their tent.

Here’s come the second day. Early in the morning, all of us gathered in a saung to have Qiyamul Lail and Muhasabah, guided by Ustadz Wahyu. Then, we took Shubuh prayer, breakfast, then had some games and morning exercise. Our laughter helped us to warm up our body as the preparation for the next activities. Next is Post-to-Post game. There were six posts, the cadres were split into five groups, and each group had to go around to find and do some kind of missions in each post. When the group passed all the given mission, they will be given a piece of a puzzle of SA-IPSE logo. Unluckily, there was none of the group that successfully collected the complete set of the SA-IPSE puzzle. It was quite tiring, but we can see they showed their enthusiasm. This game was ended for praying and lunchtime.

After lunch, the cadres gathered again to have a formative test. This test was aimed to let us know how deep is their knowledge and understanding about SA-IPSE. Then, continued with a mentoring session with a student of IPSE 2014, Nabilah Kinanti, or we called her Teh Abil. She is well-known by her high level of critical thinking, and as usual, she owns the session. Not only Teh Abil, but there were also about five or more alumnae came to spread out their spirit, their laugh, and their experience during the Sharing with the Alumni Time. After having dinner, it was one of the sessions that we have been waiting for, it was Pentas Seni time! All of the cadres were showing their talent. It was like opening a treasure box, some of them performed something that none of us think about, everyone was a surprise. The first group showed a mesmerizing acoustic performance. They picked Ten2Five – I Will Fly song to warm up the night. Next group called puisisasi musik, they said. It was funny because it is supposed to be musikalisasi puisi, but then they changed the song and spoke it as they read a poem. It was tickling, isn’t it? Last but not least, another entertaining show was a Qosidah performance. What makes it funny is that every sound, including the instrument, were come from their mouth, coupled with their poker face and odd moves! Overall, every performance was quite entertaining. After the Pensi, it was time for the cadres to get evaluation again from the commission of discipline and then took a rest, preparing for the last day, and that was the closure of the day.

Finally, the last day. Everyone woke up at 2.00 in the morning, prepared for the Malam Puncak, where the cadres were officially inaugurated. On a cold and quiet night, under dozens of stars, warmed by the bonfires, and accompanied by SA-IPSE hymns, all cadres were stated successfully pass the kaderisasi and have become regular members of SA-IPSE FPMIPA UPI. As the sun rose up, we were having a Dutch Ballgame! Then, continued with having breakfast together. To officially close the event, a PAB closing ceremony is held. Here, the new members have pinned an SA-IPSE pin by their ‘sister’ or ‘brother’.

Overall, Pelantikan Anggota Biasa 2018, “Sail the Leadership, Be Your Own Leader!”,was held smoothly and successfully. All big thanks are given to the new regular members, committees, and other parties involved. Hopefully, the next Pelantikan Anggota Biasa or kaderisasi can be greater with better programs and activities.  Yeay, welcome to the club, IPSE 2018! (Arsanti Satriani Salim).

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