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Field Trip to Installation of Waste Management (IPAL- Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah)

Bandung, 16th November 2018- International Program on Science Education held a single field trip to IPAL (Instalasi Pengelolaan Air Limbah) in Bojongsoang, Bandung, West Java. The 22 students of IPSE 2015 with Mrs. Eliyawati, as the lecturer, departed from JICA Building at 08.00 A.M and arrived in IPAL at 10.15 A.M. The objective of the field trip is to observe the management of fluid waste in a big amount. The event is conducted as the complementary activity and outside observation for Science in Daily Life course.

As the branch of municipal waterworks (PDAM) Tirtawening Bandung, IPAL (Instalasi Pengelolaan Air Limbah) has been actively becoming waste management agent since 1992. It is working as BUMD (Badan Usaha Milik Daerah) under Bandung government, thus the responsibility is under Bandung’s major.

The water waste that being treated in IPAL is mostly from domestic waste from houses all around Bandung. Before the treated waste being distributed to rivers around Bandung, it goes through four steps of waste management. The steps divided as mechanic treatment and biological treatment. Mechanical treatment includes waste filtering using a machine that filtered out solid domestic waste such as plastics. The biological treatment uses the help of bacterias in managing the water waste. After that, the treated water that distributed to Citarum river is free from the toxic and harmful component.

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