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UPI Students now Have PPL Opportunities in the Philippines

Bandung, March 4, 2022

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) agreed on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for student exchange for the Field Experience Practice (PPL) program with Leyte Normal University (LNU) Philippines on Friday (04/03/2022). Vice Rector IV for Research, Cooperation, and Business UPI, Prof. Dr. Bunyamin, M.Pd., M.A., was present to sign the MOA, representing the Rector of UPI, and accompanied by the Director of the Directorate of International Affairs of UPI, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D.


The agreed MOA is a follow-up to the previously agreed cooperation between UPI and LNU. “The memorandum of understanding that we signed today is one of the real implementations of the MOA that we signed together virtually last year on February 25, 2021,” said Prof. Benjamin.


This PPL program student exchange can be followed by students of educational study programs. This collaborative program is specifically aimed at preparing teachers with a global perspective. He also said that UPI “needs to prepare strong teachers with experience in the world of international education.”


Prof. Bunyamin emphasized that this was done to develop the professionalism of a teacher in a wider area. “I believe that the international practicum that our students experience will vary and become an important aspect in professional development as a global teacher, especially in the Asean region,” continued Prof. Benjamin.


The two universities agreed that students from both universities could conduct PPL programs at each other’s referral schools. “So, students from UPI can carry out PPL or teaching practicum in schools in the Philippines, preferably from LNU students can also carry out teaching practices in schools in Indonesia, especially at Labschool UPI,” said Prof. Benjamin.


Students are expected to be able to take full advantage of the agreed international opportunities from this collaboration. In addition, Prof. Bunyamin hopes that “Students are expected not only to study and compare aspects of education in the two countries, but also to develop cross-cultural understanding which is considered important to master at this time.”


As the Vice Rector in charge of cooperation, Prof. Bunyamin claims that UPI continues to expand its network of cooperation with external parties. “We want to create the widest possible network both domestically, starting from the West Java region with various local governments, then expanding to the national level. What is more important is how we develop cooperation at the international level,” he concluded.


LNU President, Dr. Evelyn B. Aguirre, welcomed the collaboration between her party and UPI. Dr. Evelyn said that this collaboration has great potential to strengthen and develop the LNU network internationally. In addition, Dr. Evelyn claims that she will continue to develop a wider collaboration with UPI. “We will expand collaboration with UPI in the future through research collaborations, faculty exchanges, and other collaborations,” he concluded.


The MOA signing activity was carried out face-to-face. Present virtually, the Vice Rector of PK, the Deans of Faculties, the Director of Directorates, and the Head of the UPI Laboratory School.