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UPI Conducts Comparative Study of IKU Achievements to UNNES

Bandung, 15 March 2022

Acceleration of UPI’s achievements in the IKU Achievement (Key Performance Index), on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at 13.30 until the completion of a comparative study at the State University of Semarang (UNNES). The study and sharing of experiences between UPI-UNNES was carried out warmly and there were many valuable experiences from UNESS, as explained by Mr. Zaenal Abidin who explained the MBKM system used by UNNES. Several interesting systems from UNNES to manage MBKM activities and programs are carried out in such a way with complete information system business procedures and flows.

MBKM activities at UNNES are carried out by a system starting from the management level in the Study Program, then access the system to generate starting from the MBKM program registration stage to implementation, and monitoring and reporting and issuing MBKM scores. For example, when a student proposes an internship to an Industry/Partner, the student must propose and complete a registration form with complete partner data. After that, the study program would know it. Furthermore, when it is at the study program level, it will be monitored by the applicable system. Where the system used is known as the SIKADU system.

All activities in the implementation of MBKM, the management of data and information is carried out online, so that student status can be controlled whether it is constrained or indeed smooth in carrying out MBKM activities. For example, when students need value information, the SIKADU system will inform them online. Of course, data on the achievement value or completion of the number of credits is controlled by both parties, both the Industry which is the place for the internship and the student’s study program.

Of course, the development of the SIKADU system and how MBKM services are carried out at UNNES, the effort to develop the system at the beginning is very important. This is to support the flow of data and information transformation during MBKM activities which involve quite a number of features that can support it. The management of the SIKADU-UNNES system emphasized that the system was made according to the needs of all relevant parties who would carry out MBKM activities every semester, said Mr. Zaenal Abidin.

To carry out the Branding of. The results of the IKU achievements and all the achievements of the UNNES MBKM activities are carried out by the ICT Directorate through Podcat activities, thus this is very effective. Reporting acceleration activities are carried out internally to be faster in publishing reports, said Mr. Mona Subagja from the Directorate of ICT -UNNES.

For student data related to the Tracer study, the data is managed differently from the MBKM team, where the data and information collected for the Baseline data use google form. This strategy is carried out to collect initial data regarding the need for a trancer study every year.

The question was from the UPI Bureau Chief who wanted to share about the management related to SISTER, which is managed at UNNES. From the explanation of Mr. Zaenal Abidin (UNNES) it was explained that specifically for the activities of lecturers who had outside activities, the reporting parties were partners. Where the partner (Industry) must have data on lecturers who work outside and access the Sister Database system to report it.

As for the management of KPI 1,2,3 at UNNES, there is a person in charge to reuse all data in the SISTER database and the input data can also be used for internal policy needs. For example, for decisions regarding the remuneration of lecturers. This was explained by Mr. Mona Subagja. This was also emphasized by Ahmad Munawar who explained the profile of the lecturer who had input his data in SISTER and then informed the public again, to be checked and become the trigger for the lecturer concerned to review his data.

There are best practices from the UNNES MBKM team for the management of SIKADU-SISTER, where these two systems have been integrated with the support of the main system managed by Dir. UNNES ICT.