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Bandung, March 14, 2022

LPPM UPI which was attended directly by the Vice Chancellor for Research, Business and Cooperation opened the delivery of work contracts with lecturers and education staff who received grant funds to carry out research and community service for the 2022 fiscal year. The event was led by by the Head of LPP, Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Sunendar, M. Hum, with the host who read out the work contract documents by Prof. Dr. Hj. Ida Hamidah, M.Sc. In his speech, Prof. Dadang said that in 2022, there is a graph of an increase in the number of proposals submitted to LPPM compared to last year, which was around 700. Titles of Research and Service Proposals.

About 531 research proposals were submitted, then after going through an administrative review, about 493 titles were passed, then after the desk evaluation passed, they were attended by UPI funds and around 254 titles. As for the number of PKM proposal titles that came in as many as 206 titles, then 191 titles passed the administrative selection and after the des evaluation passed to be funded as many as 61 titles. Indeed, the competition is very tight and this selection process has been carried out by national reviewers, said Prof. Dadang Sunendar at the event which was held online and attended by 254 UPI researchers.

As explained during the debriefing event for prospective researchers in the previous 2 months, it was emphasized that the number of applicants who submitted proposals to funds from UPI was quite significant. This phenomenon shows that the number of researchers from UPI is increasing, especially if it is added with researchers from the tendik element. After being declared eligible for funding, the researchers were asked to immediately enter into a work contract in order to implement all the proposals that passed.
Of course, there are mandates and targets that are called for by the University Leaders, especially regarding the IKU achievements from UPI research activities that can be achieved as soon as possible both in quality and quantity. This was also emphasized by the Vice Chancellor for Research, Business and Cooperation that this year UPI received around 12 billion in funds, of which most of it was used for Research activities with World Class University (WCU) and World Class Professor (WCP) standards. Of course, this opportunity will be given to anyone who is able to overcome all the research opportunities that are facilitated in order to be able to raise UPI’s ranking at the world level, which is supported by the quantity and quality of publications from research results.

It was reaffirmed by the Head of LPPM UPI that the contract documents mandated by the Decree of the Chancellor of the University of Education Indonesia Number 0358/UN40/PT.01.02/2022 concerning the Recipients of Research and Community Service Grants at the Indonesian University of Education Year 202, must be returned to LPPM immediately after being affixed 3 Stamp of 10,000 so that the research stage process can be rolled out immediately. The implementation and reporting of researchers must be completed by November 2022