Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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Socialization of Promotion Procedure, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Bandung, 16 March 2022

The meeting was first opened by the Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Prof. Didi Sukyadi. The event was attended by 97 Lecturers at FPMIPA and Purwakarta Campus, UPI. The university issues a rector regulation to make it easier for lecturers to propose promotions. The obstacles faced were the information on the validation for scientific articles and the Credit Score Assessment. In the future, promotion to professor will be processed by the university, so campuses need to have a good information system to be accountable.

PAK Team advisor Prof. Fuad Abdul Hamid. Prof. Juntika Nurihsan as Head of the Validation Team for the 2022 period. Prof. Andi Suhandi from FPMIPA. Prof. Yayat from FPBS. Prof. Budi Mulyanti from FPTK.

This event aims to equalize the perception of lecturers to understand the credit score assessment process for promotion at UPI. Scientific articles will be assessed based on the lecturer’s scientific field. Some of the important points in applying for a promotion include:
• The value of h-index is one of the considerations for promotion to Professor.
• Journal links are searchable
• International Journal Articles indexed by DOAJ or Index Copernicus are equivalent to Sinta National Journal Articles 3 and 4
• The suitability of the assignment science field and the highest educational scientific field
• Scientific papers published 6 months before TMT that can be submitted for promotion to a higher position.
• Scientific works for special requirements for professors must be in accordance with the scientific field of the journal and the scope of the journal
• TMT needs to be mentioned
• Attachment of Turnitin test results
• Files that are compressed and sent to the system are guaranteed to be open