Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Biotechnology Lecture on Vaccines with A Guest Lecturer


Biotechnology Lecture on Vaccines with A Guest Lecturer

Bandung, 1 March 2022

A biotechnology lecture on vaccines was held with guest lecturer from practitioner on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at 08:30–09:30 AM. A guest lecturer named Annisa Syadza, S.Si., is a junior researcher at PT Bio Farma (Persero). This lecture was conducted through a Zoom Meeting with a moderator named Lilit Rusyati, S.Pd., M.Pd., who is a lecturer in the Biotechnology course. Lectures on vaccines were attended by lecturers and students of the International Program on Science Education (IPSE), Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

The lecture theme is “Vaccines: Bio Farma’s commitment to the next generation,” with sub-themes: (1) What are the biotechnology principles behind the manufacturing of vaccines?; (2) How can a vaccine’s quality be ensured?; and (3) What are Bio Farma’s vaccine products?. The guest lecturer shared her experience of her profession as a part of the team that produces vaccines. Bio Farma vaccines are not only for Indonesia but also exported to other countries. Students were enthusiastic by asking questions, and one of the testimonials was “thank you very much, Mrs., for inviting guest stars. Today’s class was very fun.” [LR]