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IPSE Community Service 2022 “Growing Sexual Education Intelligence During The Development of Adolescent”


Bandung, January 22th –  23th 2022

SA-IPSE finally conducted offline activity  after two years, it is P2M (Pengabdian pada Masyarakat) 2022. With the strict health protocols, SA-IPSE successfully held P2M in PSAA Nugraha with theme “Growing Sexual Education Intelligence During The Development of Adolescent”. The participants of the event were the adolescence of junior high school and senior high school students with a range age of 12 years until 18 years old. By helding this event, hope that adolescent could increase their awareness about sexual education and anything related with sexual violence.

The first day of the event was focused on the sharing session with the topic “Health and Violence Sexual Education” by Ghevira Syaharani as Woman Ambassador and Winata Tegar as Health Ambassador of Bumi Siliwangi 2021. After the presentation was delivered, the agenda continued by Focus Group Discussion which was mentored by the committees of the event, and closed by  a poster competition with theme “How to Prevent Sexual Violence”.  

On the second day, there was a socialization of healthy living by the Student Advisor (Mr. Ikmanda Nugraha, S.Pd., M.Pd.), and continued by sharing sessions about long-life learning and scholarship by the lecturers from IPSE (Mr. Dr. Eka Cahya Prima, M.T, Mrs. Rika Rafikah Agustin, S.Pd, M.Pd, Mrs. Eliyawati, S.Pd, M.Pd, and Mrs. Lilit Rusyati, S.Pd, M. Pd.). After the sharing session was done, there was a cone cutting as the symbol of the opening Dies Natalis of SA-IPSE. Lastly, there was an announcement of the winner for the poster competition. And, the agenda was closed by the submission of donations in the form of money and placards by SA-IPSE and IPSE study programs. 

In addition,  P2M (Pengabdian pada Masyarakat) 2022 also carried out virtual campaigns through social media which was conducted online by the committee on January, 19th – 21st 2022. The committees uploaded the posters that have been provided and own made videos related with sexual education to their respective accounts.