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PPBS 2021, Ghevira awarded as UPI Campus Ambassadors


PPBS 2021, Ghevira awarded as UPI Campus Ambassadors

Bandung, 21 January 2022

Ghevira Syaharani (International Program on Science Education/IPSE – FPMIPA UPI) was selected as a Women Ambassador of Bumi Siliwangi (PPBS) 2021.

In addition, eight finalists who appeared in the PPBS 2021 Grand Final which took place at the Ahmad Sanusi UPI Building, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung, Thursday, December 23, 2021, was named the Attribute Ambassador.

The eight finalists are:

– Fathurrahman Nastiar (Digital Business – Kamda Tasikmalaya) as Intelligence Ambassador;

– Winata Tegar S. (IPSE – FPMIPA) as Health Ambassador;

– Wulan Lestari (PGSD – Kamda Sumedang) as Environmental Ambassador;

– Siti Rifa’ati (FPBS Arabic Language Education) as Social Media Ambassador;

– Mutya Maulana S (PGSD – Kamda Cibiru) as Education Ambassador;

– Merdan Ali N. (Management – ​​FPEB) as Entrepreneurship Ambassador;

– Aldi Charlie (Marine Information System – Kamda Serang) as Favorite Ambassador;

– Muhtiara Yaseer (Biology – FPMIPA) as Ambassador of Friendship.

PPBS Founder, Wenda Alifulloh, S.Pd., Gr., said that the Attribute Ambassador award given to PPBS 2021 finalists is an appreciation of the potential of each finalist.

“PPBS develops them (finalists) to be talented in various fields and interests,” he said.

The Chief Executive of PPBS 2021, M. Yusril Aldiana, said that PPBS was designed to be a forum for students to develop their interests and potential.

“Through this event, the finalists are expected to be more motivated to continue learning and proceeding,” he said.

It is known, as many as 147 students registered to become PPBS 2021 participants. Furthermore, as many as 32 finalists passed the grand final.

The series of activities began on October 26, 2021, which consisted of the registration, selection, and quarantine stages. The series of events closed with the 2021 PPBS Grand Final.