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Socialization of Program Wirausaha Desa (Village Entrepreneurship Program)

Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia

Socialization of Program Wirausaha Desa (Village Entrepreneurship Program)

Bandung, 8 May 2021

Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia launches the village entrepreneurship program as a part of an independent study and campus program. The program could be managed by student activity units at the University. Prof. Aris Junaidi led the discussion regarding the program. 1000 stakeholders attended the meeting. This program could be converted to 20 credits at the university. The Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia will further collaborate with The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration, the Republic of Indonesia, to facilitate the program.

Prof. Uyu Wahyudin from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia continues discussing the program. Pandemic conditions have an impact on rural conditions and poverty in Indonesia. Therefore, the Government sets a strategy to reduce poverty by formulating village entrepreneurship programs. Several village entrepreneurs were developed through this program. Students and lecturers together build independent businesses to develop the village. During the program, students will be accompanied by business and university experts.

Dr. Wisnu Dewobroto and Dr. Ujang Suwarna socialize the Village Entrepreneurship Program. The proposal could be submitted through the link The program will be held within 4-5 Months. The number of participants is 5-10 students from 2 different batches and 2 different study programs. The students will accompany 3-5 village businesses as the village’s leading business. The proposal includes a letter of willingness to cooperate with the village head. The letter follows the format as attached in the program manual. In addition, a student organization legality decree must be included in the proposal. It is suggested that students have attended entrepreneurship courses (obtaining the score minimum B) so that their knowledge can be applied when they are directly involved in the program. The proposing member is at least completing 4 semesters in the university. The streaming video can be accessed through the link





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