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Preparation of AQAS Accreditation

Cluster of Natural Science

Preparation of AQAS Accreditation: Cluster of Natural Science

Bandung, 30 April 2021


The cluster of natural science held the workshop for AQAS accreditation preparation. Dr. Eng. Agus Setiawan opens the meeting by highlighting the importance of international accreditation. UPI has a target to be internationally accredited for 50% of study programs. He said that during the pandemic, the accreditation will be held online. As a consequence, the website features including content and appearance were significant for providing appropriate information for the Accreditation Agents.

Dr. Adi Rahmat as a vice-dean of academic, faculty of mathematics and science education, UPI, mentioned the faculty support for the accrediting study programs. The faculty supports were given not only to the facility but also to the faculty quality. The study program must open the mind that all staff must contribute to being an internationally qualified study program. The students with disabilities must also be stakeholders concern about facilitating their needs.

Prof. Ratih Hurriyati shares her experience for the previously accredited study program. The study program of management obtained the unconditional accredited study program for the first time. She said that the online site visit must be prepared well. The site visit when it was held online, will be low cost. The committee will be easily managed. All participants could attend the meeting anywhere. However, all documents must be prepared online. The study program must prepare the guidebook to help the accreditor manage the interview. On day 1, The list of the committee must be listed in the guidebook. And it must make sure that all stakeholders involved in the agenda. The stakeholders are university leaders, faculty leaders, lecturers, alumni, students, graduate users. The virtual campus tour video must be also prepared to overview the quality of the study program. The previous feedback from the accreditors said that the lecturers will be more acknowledged when all staff could speak English. On day 2, the students and graduate users attend the accreditation meeting.

On-site visit – Accreditation

During the AQAS accreditation, the panel experts also attend the meeting. There are 2 AQAS management representatives, 1 student representative, 1 labor market, and 2-3 academicians. The panel experts confirm the information written in the self-assessment report. They ask the questions based on their background. The bachelor programs will be the most criticized study programs based on the previous accreditation. The Indonesian curriculum stated that the study programs will vary either education or non-education program. The reason must be rationally answered. The professional teacher program is held by the university to prepare a highly competent teacher. The national regulation is the basis of all program implementations. The example of AQAS feedback was shown by Prof. Ratih, it will be significant for enhancing the academic service quality. Before the site visit, AQAS will give a preliminary assessment to be confirmed and sent to the agent. The information system technical should be delegated for demonstrating the information system in UPI. Some documents must be translated into English such as UPI strategic plan, UPI Statute, Guidelines for the Learning Implementation, Guidelines for Scientific Writing, Curriculum Development Guideline, Semester Lesson Plan, Sample of Midterm and Final term, Graduate Survey.

Website Quality Improvement

During improving the website quality, please make sure that the information provided is up to date. The latest government regulation should be attached to the website. The previous website feedback highlighted that the lecturer’s research roadmap was still missing. The lecturer’s expertise should be well informed. The student’s research database was also asked by the expert to confirm the quality of the study program. The information system previously confirmed are learning management system, academic guidance system, counseling system, treasure study system, library, evaluation system (SIAS), students’ satisfactory system, students’ directory system, teaching practicum system, student academic achievement system, online syllabi system. community service system, and learning evaluation system.


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