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Mokaku IPSE


Mokaku IPSE 2020

Bandung, September 6th 2020

MOKADEPT or MOKAKU Department is an annual event for IPSE family to welcome and congratulate our freshmen or mahasiswa baru. According to our new normal protocol, we could not held this event like what we used to do through the offline ceremony, so we held this event by online ceremony without erasing the main parts of this event which are congratulating, welcoming, and introducing.

Three days ago on 3rd September 2020, the first part of MOKAKU Department has already successfully held through Zoom Online Meeting. Lots of activities were provided by the committees and lecturers starting from campus virtual tour, lecturer introduction along with Student Association of IPSE (SA-IPSE) presentation, and also our freshmen introduction by presenting their simple biography on the screen. The event was opened by a short speech from our student adviser, Mr. Ikmanda Nugraha, and followed by a virtual campur tour. After that we moved to our main schedule which is a lecture introduction led by the head of IPSE program, Mr. Eka Cahya Prima. He clearly explained the provided amenities, scholarships, and student exchange program in IPSE.

(Fig.1. Mr.Eka Cahya Prima explanation)

(Fig.2. Lecture Introduction)

(Fig.3. Student Association of International Program on Science Education Introduction)

(Fig.4. Freshmen Simple Introduction)

During the introduction of IPSE student association, both members and new comers were quite active communicating through voices and chats. After some sort of presentation about association and academic things we moved to simple introduction from IPSE new comers one by one by mentioning their name and previous school. Next up, after several hours of introduction and warm welcome, the first chapter of MOKAKU Department officially came to an end. We closed the even by saying hamdalah and delivering some announcements both for the members and the new comers.

(Fig.5. Online Ceremony Situation)

MOKAKU Department was not only about introducing and welcoming, but also motivating and entertaining, that is why we as the committee had decided to divide the event by two chapters. For the second chapter or the last one, we have conducted a little different concept than before, there is no introduction anymore but a lecturer from a few alumni of IPSE. Those are Adinda Gladya, Binar Kasih Sejati, and Yustika Sya’bandari.

Yesterday, on 6th September 2020, the second chapter of MOKAKU Department could finally be held by inviting the three super amazing alumni from batch IPSE batch 2009, 2010, and 2013. All of them were very inspiring and amazing and the session was pretty fun because we had so much interaction which on regular basis hard to be done cause the three alumni would be super busy with their schedule. We were glad that we could invite them and take so much lesson from their journey, really hope to meet them again soon.

Thank you so much for all of the committee who made this event successful and to all the lecturers, guests, and of course our participants and new comers. We do really hope to make this event as meaningful as we can so that you guys can enjoy and take so many things from it. Have a nice day and see you on another event, cheers!

(Fig.6. Sharing session with Yustika Sya’bandari)

(Fig.7. Sharing session with Binar Kasih Sejati)

(Fig.8. Sharing session with Adinda Gladya)

‘(Fig.9. Break time; guess ‘who I am’ game)

Written by: Annisa Fauziyah and Rhiza Fitri Salsabila

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