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Indonesian Journal Editors Workshop – Journal of Science Learning

Jakarta, 13 September 2019

Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education held the Indonesian Journal Editors Workshop. The meeting was attended by 200 editors. The meeting was officially opened by Direktor Pengelolaan Kekayaan Intelekual. The work started at 8.30 through 18.00.

Monica Westin was started to present How Google scholar retrive the metadatas from OJ System. Alexander van Servellen was followed discussing the scopus journal selection. Elsevier publisher company coverages contents and technologies. Discover, analyze, and network, manage, and showcase.

Within 3 years, Indonesia publications increased significantly based on Scopus Database. Scopus coverages 11% publications in the world. To Indonesia, scopus publication selection was evaluated under local content selection and advisory board (CSAB) Editorial board from Thailand.

He discussed the criteria of scopus publication criteria. Minimum criteria of journal to be selected in scopus indexing should meet the criteria: (a) 2 year content minimum with ISSN, (b) Peer review, (c) English: Website, Abstract, Keywords, Titles, (c) Roman Script References, (c) Ethics statement, (d) Regular Publication: regularly publish based on the publication schedule. (e) On-line availability: content must be available online.

Furthermore, the quality requirement before Scopus journal selection. What are journals the CSAB looking for?

High quality and original content, well edited with lovengity, focussed upon their roots and subject areas, mae significant, measurable, and valuted contribution to its target audience and field, international/globa relevance but also valuable locally, honest, ethical, and focused on hgh quality and standards.

The scopus feedback consider: Aims and Scope, Credible track record, type of peer-review, the suspicious cases (single review by main editor, very fast review within 2 weeks, rapidly increasing the volume, not contributed editor), diversity of the editors, diversity of authors and reviewers (there is no standard of the percentage for this concept), abstract (english, very clear, detailed), readibility of articles (layout, format of text and figure, language should be clear), contents of paper contribute to journal aims, academic contribution to field, Accetance rate, uniqueness of title, citedness of journals (countries citing the jounal, students citing the professor work are still be accepted), Interestingly, reputation of editors, regularity of publication (online and consistent), content available online (recent content available online), english language homepage(entirely in english), publication ethics and malpractice statement), article front page. ( Scopus still allowed 60% of Indonesian Authors. The rejection will have option to resubmit in several months or up to 5 years. The preliminary scopus evaluation can be accessed through

Some reasons of scopus rejections: Language and grammar are poor, lack o methological rigor, do not provide an adequate summary, do not provide unique contribution to community, ediorial policy is so broad, poor citedness, no active editors, no clear author, reviewer, and reader guidelines, seems the student’s theses, mono institutional publication.

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