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Workshop on Modern Leadership 4.0, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Bandung, 22-24th July 2019

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held the workshop on modern leadership 4.0 to the new university leaders participated by heads of study program, heads of department, etc. The rector Prof. Asep Kadarohman firstly officially opened the ceremony and discuss the vision and missions of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The program strategies, the future challenges, and the university outcomes have been discussed in the meeting. The leaders were challenged to improve the education qualities to be recognized as the world class university. Some world accreditation services were also discussed such as ASIIN, etc by Dr. Agus Setiabudi. The study programs were targetted to be accredited internationally. The leadership knowledges were trainned by Prof. Udin Syaefudin and Prof. Aan Komariah.

23th July 2019, Mr. Adnan Topan Husodo explained the importance of anticorruption attitudes for university leaders. The kind of activities leaded to the corruption must be prevented by some strategies. Some cases have been illustrated such as gratifications, bribes, and extortions which have been described contextually. He engaged the participants to be a professional civil servant. Moreover, Dr. Samsul Hadi Senen elucidated the audit system in university. UPI as PTNBH university adopted some managerial principles such as accountability, transparency, non-profit service, quality assurance, effectivity and efficiency. The university has built the system in order to ensure that all the units have been monitored well by the modern infrastructure.

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