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Student Mobility Program – UKM Malaysia

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Selangor, 23 April 2019

Five students of IPSE, Almira, Firdha Sarah Kartini, and Nadia Mubarokah (IPSE 2016) along with Kamila Putri and Rossy Andini (IPSE 2017), accompanied by Dr. Diana Rochintaniawati, M.Pd as the Head of IPSE, had safely arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to participate on Student Mobility Program at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). UKM ranked number 1 in Malaysia for top University under 50 years old. Moreover, UKM is among top 1 % University in the world and ranks 12th in QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings for 2019.

In these ten days of the visit, they are going to be involved in TESL major (Teaching English as Secondary Language), Faculty of Education, UKM. This is a great chance for IPSE to have this program. Besides improving students’ English and observing the class activity, this program also strengthens the friendship of UPI and UKM. We hope the students might learn a lot from this program to be shared and applied in UPI.

Bangi, 24 April 2019. IPSE students were having a welcoming ceremony held by the Faculty of Education, UKM. It was a very nice and warm welcoming by TESL family (Pic 2, left). In this ceremony, they were specifically welcomed by Dr. Zanaton H. Iksan as the Deputy Dean of Undergraduate. DR Harwati (the Head of TESL major) also presented the TESL major and UKM, in general, to give IPSE students an insight into those two things. There were also videos shown about the activity of TESL major and its achievements. DR Diana gave a souvenir to UKM (Pic 3, right). This welcoming ceremony was ended with a nice lunch together.

After lunch, together with the students of TESL who guides IPSE Students along in this program (Azreen and Uxmal), they were joining one of TESL class which was World in The Connection (Pic 4, left).  The activity in the class was lecturing but the unusual thing from this class was that they had a guest lecturer who explained about the tutorial of making a website using Google Sites. They also did the hands-on activity by trying it themselves. Then, they came to Career Program Workshop which was held by UKM (Pic 5, right). The event was very beneficial and in this workshop, the speaker discussed the successful way of getting a job. The program also received students’ resume to be reviewed and followed up in term of the internship.

In the next day, they were visiting a small-scaled food factory (Loji Pandu Makanan) located in the Faculty of Science and Technology UKM (Pic 6, left). It was a chocolate factory. The employee who was with them called Uncle Bob and he explained about the process of making chocolate in the factory. The products were targeted to be distributed in UKM and also outside, and very open to any tourists to be visited.

After that visit, IPSE students were joining the Assessment class with TESL Students (Pic 7, right). The class was not really crowded, and the meeting was about the presentation of students’ work. It was very interesting that when one group presentation had been ended, the lecture asked students to do ice breakings, such as a little game and simple stretching. Another complementary activity was a library tour (Pic 8, center). They visited Tun Sri Lanang library. The library was very big and set with nice and comfortable decoration. The collection of books was also all had been made in the form of journals.

IPSE students were also visiting Tunas Permata Kindergarten which was specialized for Autism and normal students (Pic 9, left). They had taken a look at all facilitations inside the kindergarten. For Autism section, there were many interesting settings that all had been designed and set especially for Autism to learn. After that, they continued the journey with short visiting at Counselling Room which was specified in Playing Therapy (Pic 10, right). They were welcomed by one of the staffs, Ms. Dini. The room setting was very nice with many toys and stuff. For the following hours, they were doing simple counseling while playing with small toys and sand.

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