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Workshop on equality education (home schooling) standard content

Bogor, 02 August 7, 2018.

Ministry of Education and Culture, Early Education and Community Education Division has conducted three days’ workshop on equality education (home schooling) standard content. The 101 Suryakencana Hotel Bogor was the venue of the event. There were eleven lecturers from 6 universities, 4 school teachers and 10 experts from the Center of Curriculum and Book participated on the workshop. During the workshop, every participant worked in group based on their expertise and subject matters. Every group working to compose and design the content standard for equality education ranging from package A to Package C. Seven subjects (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Civic Education and Special education) were the focus for this workshop. Ikmanda Nugraha, M.Pd from International Program on Science Education as the representative from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Elly Marwati, Marga Surya, and Noor Indrastuti from the center of Curriculum and Book, Ministry Education and Culture working together to compose and design the standard for Natural Sciences content. The standard must involve 8 competencies area, which are: Believe in God, Nationality, Personal Character and Social, Physics and Mental Health, Literacy, Creativity, Esthetics and Functional Skills.
Contributor: Ikmanda Nugraha, M.Pd

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