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Socialization of Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa – PKM at FPMIPA UPI

Bandung, 2 Juli 2018

Tim Kemahaswaan FPMIPA UPI held the meeting about Workshop and Socialization of Student’s Creativity Program 2018 entitled “Improving Students’ Achievement on Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa – PKM through a good and an effective Coaching and Guidance” at FPMIPA A JICA Building, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The speech is firstly openned by The Chief Executive, Mr. Muhammad Gina Nugraha, M.Pd., M.Si. The meeting is officially openned by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Dadi Rusdiana, M.Si. The meeting was attended by 258 students of FPMIPA, UPI.

The speakers are Dr. Purnawan, M.T. as a National Reviewer on PKM, Dr. Eka Cahya Prima, M.T. as a LEPPIM supervisor, and Mr. Muhammad Gina Nugraha, M.Pd., M.Si. as a Student Affair Coordinator of FPMIPA UPI. They spoke about how to prepare a good PKM proposal. Dr. Purnawan, M.T. explained the common mistakes of student proposal during the desk evaluation.

The FPMIPA Students winning PKM, Alfin from Physics Department and Hamidah from Biology Department are asked to share their experiences during preparing the PKM proposal. We hope the meeting are effective to improve the students’ interest in providing a good quality PKM proposal to be submitted and accepted.

The full materials of PKM socialization including the file downloads can be opened at

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