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General Lecture: Technology’s Gift to Education Development on Artificial Intelligence

Contributor: Dyantie Nur Azizah

February 14, 2018

People nowadays are getting used to accessing unlimited information through the internet – one of the huge technology innovations. No wonder, the internet serves us with many web and apps which fill up our heads with amusing knowledge. However, technology innovation is progressing rapidly and later we were given a brilliant upheaval innovation named Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is first known as a tool to perform simple tasks such as recognizing faces or driving a car. Furthermore, AI’s long-term goal is to do more specific tasks such as programming robots, generating poems, and implementing natural language grammars which can help teaching process in schools or colleges [1] [2].

In that case, the academics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) are in the need to enrich further knowledge about AI in relation to education development by conducting a general lecture this Wednesday (02/14/18) in Auditorium JICA FPMIPA A building.

The invited speaker is Prof. Ken Kahn. He is a senior researcher and a part of research support IT services from the University of Oxford. The general lecture is attended by lecturers, as well as students from Computer Science Education Department and students from International Program on Science Education (IPSE).

There are two sessions in the general lecture including lecturing session which then resumed with question and answer (QnA) session and closing statement. In the lecturing session, Prof. Kahn delivered the reasons why students should interact with AI programs in this modern era. AI may encourage and motivate students to produce artifacts, and adjust themselves to advanced technology [2]. Aside from that, Prof. Khan also demonstrated the using of several AI-based webs and apps which will be useful in daily teaching activities at schools.

This general lecture is truly welcomed since the participants enthusiastically asked various questions to the guest lecturer. As an appreciation, the participants were given an official e-certificate and the event is then closed officially with a photo session.


[1] Tegmark, Max. (2016). Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence. Retrieved from:

[2] Kahn, Ken. (February 14, 2018). AI Programming by Children: How children learn about technology, computing, psychology, and perception while creating AI apps of their own design. Retrieved from the General Lecture in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung

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