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The 5th Batch of Sea Teacher

Contributor: Tias Subiasti

Sea teacher is program held by SEAMEO (Southeast Asia Minister of Education Organization), the objectives of this program is to enable pre-service student teachers to develop their teaching skills and pedagogy, to encourage the pre-service student teachers to practice their English skills, to allow the pre-service student teachers to gain a broader regional and world view. The participant of this program is from three countries, it is Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is one of the university that participant in this program. In the 5 batch UPI sent 8 students to Thailand and Philippines, the students who join the program from UPI one of them is me Tias Subiasti from International Program on Science Education, for this program I go to Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (CRRU), the program starts on 23 January 2018 until 17 February 2018. The 5th batch of Sea Teacher project activity schedule, 23 January – 26 January is orientation and observation, 29 January – 2 February 2018 is Create lesson plan and teaching Assistant, 5 February – 9 February is teaching in classroom, 12 February – 14 February is teaching in classroom, reflection, and lesson learned, 15 February is learning activity with CRRU’s students at CRRU, and the last is project conclusion and closing ceremony.

In this program, I am going to teach general science for lower secondary school at Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative School (CRPAOS). In orientation day we got welcoming ceremony from the president of CRRU, got Thailand name and my thai name is Duang Jai, campus tour, and meet the buddies to help us in live in Thailand like as translator when we want to buy SIM card, my buddy’s name is Koh he is linguistic students at CRRU. And in the second days, we will meet people from the school and get a mentor for teaching. In this program, we have to make the blog as the report and also fill the form of self-report about the observation of the mentor teaching, the curriculum, and school characteristic.

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