Student Association

Students Assosiation of International Program on Science Education (SA-IPSE) is the channel for students activities within the department. For new students, SA-IPSE Activities events are easily one of the best ways to network, meet new friends, and get comfortable with life at IPSE department. For older students, we’re often the vice that keeps you coming back for more.
Come grab some free food at any one of our Rujhak or Liwet Party throughout the year, hang around for a cool beverage and score yourself a ticket to some of this year’s hottest events.  For after hours entertainment, Activities has got you sorted with huge events like Cultures Day, Sciencefest, Community Services, Tabligh Akbar and more.

Pelantikan Anggota Biasa (PAB) SA-IPSE

This event is the final stage of SA-IPSE regeneration in which new comers members sworn in and nurtured to become a regular member of the SA-IPSE. Mental training, a sense of responsibility, mutual respect, and as the inauguration of a legitimate step to become a regular member of the SA-IPSE.

Cultures day

Student Association of International Program on Science Education (SA-IPSE), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) are trying to introduce Indonesian culture by conducting an event called Cultures Day. Cultures Day event which has reached its 5th year consist of cultural performances that not only introduce the local culture, but also as a means of cultural exchange with others countries. This year Cultures Day involves 19 countries from around the world. Additionally festival foods from various countries, booth bazaar, and a food truck will enliven the series of the events.

Science Festival

Science Festival is a science competition that is delivered in English for junior high school students in Bandung and surrounding areas and held once a year.

Community Services

SA-IPSE social activities in the form of community service to support Tridarma Perguruan tinggi. During this event, the students will learn to live with new family at certain area. They will try to implement their knowledge in the real daily situation. Some activities that commonly conducted is teaching assitance, Art performances and Charity.

Tabligh Akbar

This year Tabligh Akbar is Ta’lim activities with the theme of ‘Who Are You’ which aims to help find identity as a Muslim in order to increase Iman and Taqwa. Raising awareness and understanding of the concepts of identity and ukhuwwah Islamiyah.

Sport events

Not only struggling with academic activities, students also conduct sports activities that aim to make a healthy body and fresh mind. Some of the activities carried out for example PARAMPA and IPSE-Man. Within that activities students can enjoy and have fun with sports such as futsal, Volleyball, Basket ball and Traditional games.


How pure your intention
How hard your struggle
In developing selected people
To be a good leader for a brighter future
Put hands over the heart
Promising of being together
Build up the future
Living up hopes of our nations

Reff :
In the power of dreams
This the best moment for us
Willing to work for it
Fight for it and believe in it

This is what we choose
To prove the world who we are
Hold hands and believe
We’re gonna make it real

Reff 2x
Cause we are agent of change
we are sa- ipse

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