Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), FPMIPA, UPI 2019


According to The National Education Ministerial Decree No. 045/U/2002 on The Core Curriculum of The Higher Education, the graduate competences of the International Studies Program on Science Education (IPSE) include the core competencies, the supporting competence, and the special competencies. The overall competences needed by science educators are knowledges, skills, attitudes, and smart actions to carry out their duties properly. Therefore, the graduate competencies targeted by IPSE have involved the professional competences, the academic competences, the social competences, and the personality as a science educator (teacher).

Students are required to complete at least 144 credits.

  1. General Cources (MKU) (14 credits)
  2. Basic Competencies Courses (MKDK) (12 credits)
  3. General Science Courses (MKKF) (12 credits)
  4. Professional Competencies Courses (MKPBS) (11 credits)
  5. Concentration Competencies courses (MKK) (81 credits)
  6. Professional Training Courses (MKPPL) (4 credits)
  7. Optional Courses (MKKKPIL) (16 credits)

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