Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), FPMIPA, UPI 2019

Community Services

Community service activities have been implemented since 2015 as follows
1. Implementation of science learning media at SMP IT Ibn Khaldun in January 2015
2. Science Investigation for Young Learner at SD Ar-Rafi ‘in August 2015
3. Development of Simple Science Experiment for Science Teachers in January 2016
4. Innovation of Physics Experiment based on Microcontroler in August 2016
5. School Academic Activity Development through Education, Innovation, and Motivation in January 2017
6. Synergizing and Realizing the Environment and the Education-cared Village in August 2017
7. Workshop on STEM-based Science Learning using Weather Sensor in December 2017

SA-IPSE students are involved in the community services. Students are happy also performing the work together with the lecturers.