Prodi Pendidikan IPA (International Program on Science Education), FPMIPA, UPI 2019

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Meeting on PPG dalam Jabatan, Kemendikbud 2019

Jakarta, 8 January 2019. The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) held the meeting on Pendidikan Profesi Guru (PPG). The IPSE Lecturer, Dr. Eka Cahya Prima attended this meeting. The meeting discussed the revision of learning materials and PPG assessment. In 2019, PPG will be started at 21 January 2019 participated by elementary and middle school teachers. Based on the analysis of PPG implementation, the government stated that we still have the weaknesses on the content quality and learning facilities. Therefore, this meeting contributed to reviewing the readiness of PPG implementation based on some indicators including Contents, Assessment Hints, Learning Outcomes, Learning Media (Audio Visual), Discussion Forums, Formative Tests, and Tasks. (Eka Cahya Prima).

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