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Meeting on 2018 Curriculum Revision, International Program on Science Education

Bandung, 18 December 2018

International Program on Science Education (IPSE) held the meeting on 2018 Curriculum Revision. The meeting was attended by all IPSE Staffs, Prof. Ari Widodo, Dr. Diana Rochintaniawati, Dr. Eka Cahya Prima, Ms. Rika Rafikah Agustin, Ms. Lilit Rusyati, Ms. Eliyawati, Mr. Nanang Winarno, Mr. Ikmanda Nugraha, Mr. Latif Budiana, and Ms. Resik Kusumah.

The discussion has formulated the profile of graduate learning outcomes (LO) including Knowledge, General Skills, Special Skills, and Attitudes. The curricula followed the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia – KKNI) level 6. All courses were assessed to meet the Learning Outcome requirement.

The study program has contributed to preparing the science educators who have the ability to conduct the science lesson following both national and international curricula. The revision of the curriculum was very important to accommodate the educational latest issues to be acquired by prospective teachers.

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