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Cultures Day 2018 “Celebrating Cultures Diversity”

Contributor: Nabila Delyana

Bandung, 19th November 2018 – International Cultures Day is an annual event organized by the Student Association of International Program on Science Education (SA-IPSE) in collaboration with the Office of International Education and Relations (OIER). This event is constructed with the purpose of enhancing cultural awareness in the society, and to upgrade International relation which hopefully will lead to futures cooperation. This year proudly marked the eighth year of International Cultures Day. With “Cultures Diversity” as the theme of International Cultures Day 2018, the event is based on various cultures from not only nationally, but also internationally. Furthermore, as the world developed toward modernity, cultures are slowly and dangerously being forgotten. As the future of this country, SA-IPSE invited the guests to preserve our beautiful cultures which are varied in Indonesia. Indonesia is rich in cultures, and we have yet to explore them. Besides that, International Cultures Day 2018 invited the guests to appreciate and respect the cultures from outside of Indonesia. There are so many international cultures that we have yet explored too, namely the traditional dances, traditional costumes, traditional foods, and many more from all countries around the world. And in International Cultures Day 2018, the guests are taken to a short but hopefully meaningful journey in experiencing national and international cultures.

International Cultures Day 2018 was held on 19th November 2018 for one day at BPU building or Achmad Sanusi building in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). The event was opened by the performance from Lisenda (Lingkungan Seni Sunda). The performance was based on Sundanese culture and very goosebumps-inducing, pulling the audiences into focus on the event. After the opening performance, the masters of ceremony enter the building to greet the audiences. This year, the MCs are from IPSE students batch 2015, Lia Astuti and Reinald Muhammad Naufal. Then, there are welcoming speeches from Echa Nurlaeli Naufal as the head of International Cultures Day 2018 committees, Dr. Diana Rochintaniawati. M.Ed. as the head of IPSE study program, Eka Rahmat Fauzy S.S. as a representative from Balai Bahasa, and Dr. Solehuddin, M. Pd. as the first vice-rector of UPI. The welcoming speech from Dr. Solehuddin, M. Pd. officially opened International Cultures Day 2018.

There was a new addition in International Cultures Day 2018, in which a band audition was held. There is a fair share of band audition tapes came to our e-mail. The winner of the band audition got themselves a chance to perform at the event. For the first performance to continue the hype of the event, the winner of band audition was called to the stage. The winner is Just a Second Band from SMAN 3 Tambun Selatan. They delivered the perfect fusion performance of traditional songs and rock.

After the band performance, there was a collaborative dance performance by the six lovely students of IPSE 2018 and Hallyu Up! Edutainment. The boy members of Hallyu Up! Edutainment dance to several songs from K-POP boy groups. Then, the students of IPSE 2018 did a traditional dance with song Mojang Priyangan. They were very beautiful and graceful performing on stage. And for the highlight of the performance, the girl members of Hallyu Up! Edutainment collaborated with IPSE 2018 to perform one of the hottest K-POP songs in 2018, Ddu-Ddu by Blackpink, with a remix of Dangdut Koplo. Overall, the performance got warm responses from the audiences.

One of the main activity in every International Cultures Day is the Culinary Festival. In this year’s International Cultures Day, there was also a Culinary Festival provided by OIER students. There are eleven countries that participated for the Culinary Festival this year. The event is accompanied by the performance from SENADA 3.0 which consisted of Hengky from IPSE 2016, Raisha, Ifa, and Shafa from IPSE 2017. The countries are Tajikistan, Vietnam, Laos, Madagascar, Thailand, Korea, China, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia. In each booth, the decoration was made by each native with their countries’ identities like a flag, photographs, paintings, traditional musical instruments, etc. Culinary Festival was once again a hit in International Cultures Day, gaining an increasing number of audiences.

The next performance is worth awaited as well, which was International Performances. In this sequence, the OIER students showcased their traditional dance, song, or others in front of the audiences. The first country to open the sequence was Tajikistan, with a traditional dance performance by Yusupova Nazira. The second performance was from Mexico, an acapella by Daniel Milan. Thirdly was from Japan, with energetic Soran bushi dance and cute dance by Tomohiro, Risa, Ami, Miyu, Yuka, and Haruka. Next was a dance performance by two beautiful ladies, Arai and Elshad from Kazakstan. The fourth was an awesome hand-fan dance performance by Le Kha Thi from Vietnam. Then there was a cheerful dance performance from Madagascar. After that, Afghanistan squad invited the audiences to join them performing flash mob. To follow up that, Robert from Germany also invited the audiences to do sing-a-long to a traditional song from Germany. Last but not least, was the performance by Panee from Laos. She delivered a very beautiful song from Laos and officially ended the International Performances sequence in International Cultures Day 2018.

The event was on the peak, and to keep the hype up there was a performance by SOKGB. SOKGB performed a very exciting performance of Modern Dangdut. The audiences sang along to some of the songs and dances together in front of the stage. The performance was very fun to watch.

Following SOKB, there was a performance from the popular music group Ensemble Kyai Fathahillah. The audiences are served the calming performance of a modern Gamelan performance that was very beautiful, elegant, and strong. These two groups, SOKGB and Ensemble Kyai Fathahillah are prestigious groups from FPSD UPI. They have performed on national TV and abroad.

The peak and the most-awaited performance in International Cultures Day 2018 were, of course, the musical drama from IPSE batch 2018. This year, the theme was based on time-traveling. The title for this year’s musical drama was “The Journey to the Mighty Sanghyang Tapak Kingdom”. The story was about five high school students that were on a field trip and accidentally said spell which took them to the past. They met with the king of the Sanghyang Tapak Kingdom, the royal servants, and the royal guards. They went to an adventure on the Sanghyang Tapak Kingdom, from the forest to the market. Their adventure ended with a feisty fight with the Royals and they finally came back to their world. The musical drama was ended with a dance flash mob by all IPSE batch 2018. The audiences and the committees all joined them. By the end of the flash mob, International Cultures Day was officially closed by the MCs.

Overall, International Cultures Day 2018, “Celebrating Cultures Diversity”, was held smoothly and successfully, with more than 300 audiences and more than eight countries participated. All big thanks are given to the audiences, performers, sponsors, committees, and other parties involved. Hopefully, the next International Cultures Day can be greater with better performers and activities. Once again, thank you for all the participants and committees for celebrating with us. See you in International Cultures Day 2019!

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