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School visit to SMP Lazuardi Global Islamic School

Depok 18th October 2018
Contributor: Eka Cahya Prima

International Program on Science Education visited Lazuardi Global Islamic School. 96 all batch students and 9 Lecturers have attended this event. The school has welcomed the meeting by performing the live music from Lazuardi’s Students.

Mr. Devina as the school’s director opened the meeting. Lazuardi alfalah was established in 2013 with slogan “educate your teacher for a time not yours”. This inclusive school facilitates the special need students.
The word “Lazuardi” was derived from a blue sapphire with the phylosophy about how we are able to give best care to our students. The school has the principle as the open laboratory. It means that people can see the class activity any time.

The meeting was followed by giving the special souvenirs to and from IPSE. Dr. Diana Rochuntaniawati also gave the speech. She introduced all ipse staffs including students. The events held by IPSE were promoted such as science festival, culture’s day, etc.

Teacher Andri presented the Lazuardi profile. The school has 20 teachers serving 40 students of grade 7-9. Moving towards word class school was one of the Lazuardi’s visions. Moreover, It has adopted mixed Lazuardi’s 2.0, Cambridge and National Curricula. The inclusion, diversity, equity, and accomplishment have been run as the school’s environment with 24 student’s unit activities and life skills.

With the tagline as “learn as an explorer”, the school exercises student’s attitude, skill, and knowledge. Google classroom was one of the school’s innovation to perform the blended learning. Furthermore, the integrated learning program performed STEAM Science, Social, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics for 2016-2018. The theme was Ecological Campaign towards a better Earth.

Global community network was coordinated with Thailand’s and Malaysia’s Schools. Google certified educator was also includid in this program.

The school presented the student’s demonstration. The works are 1. Using Mathematics and English for making a boat. 2. Making the trash can, 3. How to compose a music, and 4. Class observation.

The discussion was attractive and the IPSE students were very satisfied attending this meeting.

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