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IPSE Graduation Day on 15th December 2016

IPSE celebrated Graduation Day on 15th December 2016. About 16 graduates have passed their study in IPSE. All of the lecturers, graduates and their family and also IPSE students from batch 2013 until 2016 attended to appreciate the graduates. The theme of this graduation day is “treasure the timeless memories”, this theme invites all graduates to flashback their memories during the collage period. So, this special moment is expected to strengthen and keep the relationship among the lecturers, IPSE students, graduates and their family.

The special thing in this graduation is one of our graduates, Nur Ida Maulida from IPSE 2012, is also awarded as the best graduate from FPMIPA. But all of the graduates are not less as great, they are all really inspiring with the average GPA 3.51.

In the begining of the event, there are some speech from the chief of committee, chief of IPSE study program, representative of graduates, and representative of graduate’s parents, which is Mr. Makmur as Nur Ida Maulida’s father. Submission of a sling and a plaque as a symbolic for all graduates also held afterward and were given by miss Diana as the chief of IPSE study program.

This moment was enlivened by performance of IPSE Senada. IPSE Senada is the vocal group who has become an icon in IPSE. IPSE batch 2016 and 2015 were also appreciating this celebration by giving their golden voice in choir. The unique thing that makes all of audiences laugh comes from 2013 performance. IPSE 2013 is the one who has the closest relation with IPSE 2012 because they have working together before. They presented a funny drama which described the stories during the college period from the first year until the last year. It’s not less interesting that some representatives of graduate were also give good performance in this event.

At the end of event, it was closed by reading nomination for each graduate and photo session for all graduates and their family, all lecturers, and also committee.


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