Applied chemistry is an elective course. It aims to introduce students to chemical products that play important roles in human life as well as to develop their awareness toward the use of chemical in everyday life to save the sustainable earth save. Topics taught in this course are chemistry of household products, agriculture chemistry, and chemistry in health and medicine.

This course is concentration competence course that is compulsory for science education student as a candidate of science teacher at junior high school (JHS). By attending this course students are expected to have good skill in chemistry laboratory works and enable to analyze the data resulted from those chemistry laboratory works.

Chemistry topics that are included in this course are Sublimation, Recrystalization, Types Chemical Reaction, Stoichiometry Reaction, Acid and Base, Oxidation Reduction Reaction, Electricity and Chemistry, Reaction Rate and Chemical equilibrium.

Chemistry is a study of matter, its changes and the energy that involves in the changes. In the Fundamental of Chemistry subject, the students studied the structure of matter (atoms, elements, molecules, compounds).The course is subdivided in four sections: thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and electrochemistry. Themodynamics studies the energy involved in chemical and physical processes and reaction spontaneity. Chemical kinetics studies the rates of reactions and reaction mechanisms.