Introduction to modern physics is the compulsory study about post-Newtonian conception of physics underlying structure of the smallest particles in nature (quantum mechanics), as well as a rigorous understanding of the fundamental interaction of particles, understood as forces. The objectives of this course are to understand the born of modern physics, to apply modern physics concept and their application in daily life and technology, and to reveal the modern physics concepts through  experiment.

Basic Technology Education (BTE) is the study about technology as well as influence on the individual, the community, the environment, and the process of culture by acknowledging the potential for the student's individual to develop the reasoning capacity, the solution to the problem, creativity to design and explained it with various equipment and material. Basic Technology Education makes the content of technology and the experience that contribute to the growth and the development of humankind.

Fundamental of Physics is a compulsory course and aimed to provide student competencies on physics. It is expected that students are not only able to understand fundamental on physics both are concepts and basic practices but also expand and apply to shape their critical thinking in scientific purposes. 

The course content consist of: physical science overview, vectors,  properties of mechanics, matters, heat, waves, sounds, electricity, magnetism, optics and an overview on another new physics such as modern physics as optional one.